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[36] Astralis and FaZe Clan reach the ESL Pro League season six finals

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Two more teams punched their ticket to the ESL Pro League Finals last night, since the December event is shaping up to become yet another tournament associated with high caliber CS: GO teams.

Astralis and FaZe Clan earned themselves places at the $750, 000 offline finals through Dec. 5 in order to 10. The Danish side currently have a 15-9 win-loss document in the 14 group league, while the all-European squad holds a 14-10 record. They hold the number 2 and three seeds in the standings behind Fnatic, who clinched the first European port for the finals stage.

Of both groups that qualified yesterday evening, Astralis’ Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann has the greatest average HLTV 2 . 0 rating through the entire season at 1 . 19. He stinging out both Håvard “rain” Nygaard as well as Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, who had 1 . 15 and 1 . 14 ratings, respectively. Regardless of these statistics, both FaZe as well as Astralis were tied for overall group ratings at 1 . 14 throughout the season so far.

The groups already set to attend the ESL Pro League season 6 finals in Odense, Denmark include Fnatic, SK Gaming, as well as OpTic Gaming.

Activity in the ESL Pro League will end tomorrow Nov. eleven, when the three other teams from the European region will be made the decision for the Buy the Cheapest CSGO Skins playoff stage of season 6.



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The facts for the upcoming competition in Orange Region, California, including the groups and the on-air selection, have been revealed.

The $100, 000 two-day LAN event which returns for the 3rd year in a row, iBUYPOWER Masters, is placed to take place at the Esports Arena in California this weekend. Eight teams from the North American region are set to compete at the Buy All CSGO Skins tournament, which will serve as a warm-up for your following IEM Oakland.

The team list includes the likes of Cloud9 who are the highest ranked team at the event, the Americas Minor winners Liquid, the Asia Minor champions Renegades and OpTic, who finished 3rd at the European Minor in Bucharest.

iBUYPOWER Masters 2017 is going to be played out more than two days, with the initial, elimination and champion matches taking place on Saturday, while the team deciders and the playoffs are set to follow along with on Sunday.


[34] Smooya to take a break through competitive CS: GO

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Owen "smooya" Butterfield, a British professional Counter-Strike: Global Unpleasant player, has elected to sit out the remainder of their contract with Epsilon.

The decision will see him sit out the most of 2018, as their contract expires in December next year. Having formerly competed with Belgian esports organization Epsilon?smooya was benched upon Sept. 20, following the organization opted to recruit a fully-Swedish roster. But whilst smooya is currently within the bench with small chance of competing again, Epsilon still support the 18-year-old via contract?a contract with a $100, 000 buyout, based on smooya.

The amount is one that couple of professional organizations competing outside the very top of the CS: GO circuit can afford, and smooya's options have, consequently, been dwindling since being benched. "I am done wasting my time, inch smooya told HLTV on Nov. 7.

Smooya has since elaborated on his present situation on Twitter, and explains which his buyout is set at three times the worth of his real contract.

"I know I am responsible for putting your signature on a contract however I was a seventeen yo kid who was grinding to become professional for over 2 years, therefore once the chance came about of course signed. Of course I didn't Buy All CSGO Skins realize I would get benched 3 months in for absolutely no reason at all. Ideally something good originates from this. Thank you. inch

Epsilon gave a good update on the situation, saying that it motivated the player to join other rosters as part of financing. It also denies the cost of smooya's buyout, and claims that absolutely no other teams have approached him with a realistic buying cost.

Competing on a semi-professional level, smooya's obvious $100, 000 purchase showcases just how much the actual monetary side associated with CS: GO continues to be inflated. Just 2 yrs ago, French movie star Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom was cited as having the largest purchase in the game's history-at $162, 000.

High buyouts for gamers have almost turn out to be par for the course in CS: GO. Organizations have attemptedto retain talent via massive buyout clauses, aimed at either dissuading potential buyers from approaching specific players, or even as a means of recouping any potential losses or investment the business has put into the gamer.

The largest recorded purchase in CS: GO so far was that of FaZe Clan movie star Nikola "NiKo" Kovacs-which was more than $500, 000.


[33] PUBG news: Battlegrounds takes up BIG problem before release date

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PUBG is tackling the game's biggest issue ahead of the Xbox 1 release date and full PC release.

Battlegrounds developer Bluehole has finally launched the test servers upon PC, following a current delay.

Unfortunately, but the servers aren't for testing vaulting and climbing, but for detecting the use of cheats.

It's a problem which desperately needs solving ahead of the full release.

"Players, we are starting our test machines to test some new measures to better detect the use of cheats, " the post reads.

"We want to make sure that the servers stay stable while these new measures are running. Please statement bugs and deliver us your feedback.

"Please note, this is not the vaulting and Buy pubg skins climbing patch that we know you've almost all been waiting for. That will come a bit later. "

And Bluehole will have to do something about infidelity pretty quickly, simply because Fortnite is beginning to surge ahead.

Fortnite has just passed 20 million players upon all platforms, that is a seriously impressive fact.

"We just passed 20 million gamers across all of Fortnite since launch! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. "

It's worth noting which Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play, while PUBG - which has sold fifteen million copies - costs £26. 99 on Steam.

Battlegrounds takes place on a remote control island where 100 players compete to be the sole survivor.

Players must gather materials, armour and weaponry in order to defeat some other players. And in a distinctive twist, the arena actually gets smaller sized as games go on.

The enormously popular shooter will be accessible from December 12 as part of the Xbox 1 Preview scheme.

The actual Xbox One edition will be slightly behind the PC version and will be shaped depending on feedback from followers.



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Liquid bested Misfits 2-1 (Cobblestone 13-16, Train 16-4, Mirage 16-7) in the grand final at the Americas Minor, declaring the $30, 000 grand prize.

Following the second Main Qualifier spot had been determined with Liquid defeating CLG, it was time for the grand last in Toronto, Canada, between Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz's team as well as Misfits.

The series started on Liquid's pick, Cobblestone, the map Misfitshas experienced great success upon throughout the tournament despite it being their own least played chart in recent times. Sean "seang@res"Gares's squad put together a great defense during the first half, starting off with a 4-0 lead in early stages. The B bombsite saw most of the activity throughout the next four rounds, with each team getting away with two of them for a 5-3 scoreline.

Thanks to a collection on B within an eco, with Hunter "SicK" Mimsclutching the 1v1, Misfits kept their lead and finally grabbed their 8th round. The next 3 went the other way as Liquidonly needed one to break the actual economy of their competitors, while Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan's triple within a tough situation upon B finished from the half at 9-6.

A clean W take gave Misfits the second pistol, although a saved shield allowed stanislaw to buy a UMP-45 as well as grab two important kills in the following forcebuy, as Liquid climbed to nine rounds. An mind blowing strategy on W and David "devoduvek"Dobrosavljevic's quad-kill on the some other site gave Misfits the edge again, reaching a 13-9 lead after an anti-eco. With a B protection working out thanks to Chip "nitr0" Cannella's double from broken wall in the 25th circular, Liquid edged back to contention for the first map and just 1 round separated the two teams, but the smoke wall execute towards B within an eco gave Misfits the 16-13 succeed.

Train was a one-sided affair from the Where to buy csgo skins get-go, as Liquid gone up 5-0 because Counter-Terrorists and carried on to rack up their own lead due to Misfits being unable to string rounds together. Person heroics from SicK and ShahZaM were the only thing working out to them while Liquid gripped a dominant 12-3 half. Winning the following pistol round, nitr0 & co. arrived at map point as well as turned it in to the 16th two units afterward, with just devoduvek's quad-kill within a 2v5 standing in their own way.

Mirage made the decision it all and it was Misfits getting away with the better start this time, going up 2-0 after they defused the actual bomb in a 2v2 situation. Early hostility in mind ended with Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski getting a quad-kill to get his team within the board and start taking over the half. This wasn't until 6-2 when Misfits finally broke the streak with a retake upon B. Liquidconceded another round due to an unsuccessful late-round assault on A, but the following three went their own way after early pick-offs around the chart. The half ended at 9-6 in their favor, as Misfits grabbed the remaining couple of rounds.

Securing the second pistol round and the first gunround with little trouble, Liquid were well on their way to the title. François "AmaNEk" Delaunay's quad-kill at 14-6 do little to stop stanislaw's team from obtaining the series, because Liquid did therefore at 16-7, 2-1.



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Misfits have secured the last playoffs spot at the Americas Minor after beating Luminosity 2-1 (Cobblestone 16-12, Cache 6-16, Mirage 16-9) in Group B's deciding match.

After CLG beat Luminosity for first place in Team B and Misfits took down Rise Nation in the removal match, it was period for the decider between the Brazilians and Sean "seang@res" Gares's group.

Luminosity's pick, Cobblestone, was the first chart of the series. Mr. gustavo "yeL" Knittel's side picked up a 3-0 lead at the start as Terrorists, but the first few gunrounds gone the way of Misfitsin confident fashion till it was 6-3 in their favor.

While a good execute towards B ended up with the American-French roster saving 2 weapons, the protection had the upper hand again after François "AmaNEk" Delaunay's 1v1 and Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan's triple that earned their group a 9-4 business lead. Luminosity managed to grab the remaining two units of the half right after close clutch situations, with Marcelo "chelo"Cespedes clutching a 1v2 at the very end.

ShahZaM's triple within the second pistol round put his opponents on the back foot, as they found themselves lagging behind having a 6-14 deficit. Luminosity found their long ago into the match with several great defenses upon B and a couple of anti-ecos, reaching their own 12th round, however a forcebuy via connector stopped the Where to buy csgo skins streak and allowed Misfits to grab the first map 16-12.

Cache started out well for Misfits who gone 3-0 on the back of AmaNEk's 1v3 in the pistol round, but everything fell apart for them afterward. Luminosity went on a streak of 7 rounds, most of that being quite important, with a great protection on both bombsites. Losing the next meant little in the great scheme of things, as the Brazilian roster locked down the final four for an 11-4 halftime score.

Both teams went back as well as forth at the beginning from the second half as neither was able to string rounds together, that worked well for Luminosity with the substantial lead. When it had been 13-6, yeL's squad finally locked straight down three in a row to force chart three, Mirage.

There, the two teams split the first four units evenly before Misfits went on a three-round streak on the protection. Luminosity pulled it back once more within the back of Gabriel "NEKIZ" Schenato's 1v3 and grabbed their own first lead within the match soon after. As the rounds were near, one round win was enough for Misfits to take control of the economy, as Luminosity forced the following round to no avail and the American squad switched sides at 9-6 right after AmaNEk closed out the half with a triple from a timely flank.

Misfits extended their own lead to 12-6 after the pistol round, before chelo stepped up to the plate with an _ design to start a three-round streak for Luminosity. That was all the Brazilian squad could do, however , as Misfits secured the playoffs spot at 16-9, with ShahZaM clutching a 1v3 as you go along.

Tomorrow the playoffs begin with the upper bracket semi-finals, where Misfits will lock horns with Liquid upward first at twenty two: 00before compLexity undertake CLG at 02: 00.


[30] Procedure Hydra passes is going to be available until the end of this weekend

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The actual longest operation within Counter-Strike: Global Unpleasant history is coming to a close soon, and many missions, game settings, and maps will not be in the game for much longer.

The last time to buy access goes by for Operation Hydra is Sunday Nov. 5, as the Procedure is set to end on Nov. 13. At first, Operation Hydra was meant to run until September, but Device extended its stay in the game to allow brand new Chinese users on the Perfect World customer to enjoy the content. The actual pass is $2. 99, which is half of its original cost, so that newer Procedure players can try it at a discount.

"The most played Procedure game modes during the final month from the operation will be put into CS: GO... the most played Operation maps of the final month in Competitive Internet dating and Casual will certainly replace the least played CSGO AWP Skins maps in all those modes, " Device said in a blog post in September.

This means that many of the maps?like Agency, Insertion, Austria, Black Gold, Lite, Delivered, Thrill, Rialto, and Dizzy?will be available for less than two weeks until they are gone forever. Exactly the same goes for the Operation’s game modes, including Wingman, Weapons Expert, Heavy Assault Suit, Headshots Only, Hunters-Gatherers, Stab Stab Zap, and the Flying Scoutsman.



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The Record-Breaking Hit Is Not Popular Everywhere, It Seems

One of the biggest games of the year that isn’t technically out yet, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, may get banned and China. In spite of record sales and gigantic popularity within the west, it seems the country doesn’t hold it in high regard. Nothing brand new, however.

According to the China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association, the actual Battle Royale player with the dice may face perma-death in the country. They stated as much in a declaration to Bloomberg Technology. Apparently, their problem with PUBG is that it’s not compatible with “Socialist core values and the traditional Chinese tradition and ethical norms. ”

Of course , China is no stranger to placing Western video Pubg items games on the chopping block. Many titles it deems inappropriate or chaotic never make it towards the consumer base. In this instance, PUBG is available to consumers but only accessible via VPN. There is currently no distributor in the country, so most players are out of luck.

Formerly, Bluehole confirmed discussions with internet company Tencent about the video game. They say the actual Chinese company “could be a very important partner to us. ” Perhaps their relationship can provide some freedom for delivering PUBG to the Chinese target audience. Time will inform.


[28] PUBG Xbox One Launch Date Confirmed

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now comes with an Xbox One release date. During Paris Games Week, developer Bluehole revealed that the phenomenally popular fight royale game launches in early access for the console on Dec 12 for $30.

Beginning that day, Xbox One gamers will be able to play PUBG via the Xbox Game Preview system. Bluehole also says that it's "on track" to release the 1 ) 0 PC edition in late December. While the developer is working on both PC and Xbox One versions simultaneously, it information that each has the "own separate roadmaps" and will differ somewhat from one another.

"We're approaching development on Xbox One with the same community-driven focus that we've taken with the game on PC, " Bluehole VP and professional producer Chang Han Kim wrote on Xbox Wire. "As a result, the ultimate fight royale experience that fans play on Xbox One is going to be slightly different than exactly what players know today on PC. inch

Xbox One gamers will also be able to buy Pubg items some exclusive content in the form of special cosmetic packs. Three such packs will be available to purchase for a restricted time for the Xbox One version: the PUBG Warrior Group, Accessory Pack, and Tracksuit Pack. Aside from these three, Bluehole says it doesn't possess plans to offer any kind of in-game purchases within the Xbox Game Examine version. You can take a look at a few of the exclusive cosmetic items above.

Ms announced that PUBG would be coming to Xbox One later this particular as a "console release exclusive" during the E3 2017 press conference this past summer, but up until today we didn't know when the game might arrive aside from the vague "late 2017. " Microsoft is publishing the Xbox One version, and it is been reported that Microsoft is trying to extend the game's uniqueness period on Xbox.


[27] FIFA 18: This is what happens when the quickest team takes on the slowest team

投稿者: march 投稿日:2017年10月31日(火)12時45分12秒  通報   返信・引用

Does pace really? Or may experience, strength as well as guile conquer all?

YouTuber BMOnus utilized FIFA Career Mode to find out what team fared better ? a side composed of the world’s fastest players, or 11 of the slowest.

The actual slowest team, who for this experiment is actually Manchester United, includes the likes of Olivier Giroud and the legendary Francesco Totti up front.

Bizarrely, Per Mertesacker is actually left on the along with ? even though he’s widely regarded as having zero pace.

The actual fastest team, actively playing as Manchester Town, features Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale as well as Pierre Emerick Aubameyang up front ? all with FIFA speed scores well in to the 90s.

Even the keeper, Aleksandr Belenov features a 77 sprint speed rating ? so he’s no slouch.

How did they do?

BMOnus simmed the season with the winner fifa ultimate Team 18 coins becoming the team which finished higher in the Premier League.

Against all odds, the actual slower team arrived on top.

United arrived third behind Chelsea and Spurs, while City had to be satisfied with fourth place.

The actual Red Devils bagged an impressive 59 goals, compared to City’s 54.

Giroud had a good campaign for United, netting 11 league goals, while Bale was City’s top scorer with ten.

Looks as though speed isn’t that essential!



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